About me

Hi, my name is Jochem van Dooremolen and I knew from a young age that I enjoy working with companies. When I was young I found it much more interesting to read annual reports or dictionaries when others were still reading children’s books. I didn’t understand much of the texts in it, but I really wanted to know more about business and leadership. Not that was on top of my mind at that point.

Throughout my life I’ve always enjoyed working with people. I enjoy helping others to get the best out of themselves. I try to share my knowledge with useful one-liners that are easy to remember. One of the most important for me is:

“Has your life ever gotten better by saying, I don’t feel like it now?” The answer to that cannot be positive. Do the things that make you grow and get the most out of every day!

Since the beginning of my career I have looked for coaches and trainers. I love to take that knowledge and experience with me, to do good things with it. That’s why I’m very open to new experiences, and I always say “YES!” against new opportunities. “Say yes first, then think about the how”.

Since 2018 I am working in my own company full-time. My wish: to help other professionals every day to get the most out of themselves and the day!

Every day I refine my own knowledge and put it into practice in my companies SalesXperts and druktemakers.eu.

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